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Together we can achieve great things

A company is only as good as its team. We are very proud of our specialized, intrinsically motivated, and high-performing team, which excels with profound professional depth and inspires with team spirit, friendship, unique dedication and individuality. With our global presence we work and realize projects all over the world. Therefore, we value a flexible, multilingual and culturally diverse team.

Managing Director

To cover the diversity of the different project tasks and to cope with the ever-changing challenges in the global solar market, Alf Oschatz acts as the managing director of sbp sonne.

Alf Oschatz


Knut Göppert, Andreas Keil, Mike Schlaich, Sven Plieninger and Knut Stockhusen mentor our company in the spirit of the founders Jörg Schlaich and Rudolf Bergermann. The use of solar energy and the moving away from fossil fuels is paramount for them. 

Knut Göppert
Andreas Keil
Mike Schlaich
Sven Plieninger
Knut Stockhusen


Projects that demand outstanding results can only be successfully completed as a team. This applies when collaborating with clients, architects and engineering fellows, but even more so for one’s own team.

Axel Schweitzer
Benjamin Sauer
Christian Weinmann
Evgeniya Borovleva
Fabian Gross
Jinyang Wei
Martin Frank
Matthis Bohn
Max Dinkelaker
Rafael Martínez
Thomas Keck
Tuba Kayademir
Vinh Hiep Nguyen