Parking lot PV

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A second income for your parking lots

As electromobility increases, the infrastructure for supplying renewable energy needs to be expanded. Parking lots lend themselves for such purpose. Activating a parking space by covering it with PV modules offers enormous potential. Renewable energy is generated where it is consumed – for example, at the charging stations for electric cars.

sbp sonne develops such intelligent systems. Our supporting structures enable an economical roofing of a parking lot while at the same time a highly efficient solar power plant is created. Our innovative cable and stress ribbon structures allow filigree supporting structures that span easily and elegantly over parking areas and suit well to an architecturally demanding urban environment.

We enable highly efficient structural systems and thus resource-saving and cost-saving solutions. Our holistic view of the project ensures an optimal monetary and solar yield of the PV technology. Extensive technical and economical optimizations and adjustability of our solutions to the bespoke requirements of each location through our integral design process minimize the electricity production costs, increasing the economic value of the parking area.