Floating PV

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Where sun meets water

sbp sonne’s innovative FPV system consists of air-filled floating units (membrane “tubes”), like an inflatable boat. This concept enables very fast installation, while the geometry and internal pressure of the tubes can easily be adapted to the site and environmental conditions. Our FPV system called Blowfish, thus reacts to special situations similar to an inflating blowfish.

Blowfish is the first bifacial FPV system. On land, bifacial systems provide a higher energy yield since they can also use the light reflected from the ground. However, they have not been used in previous FPV systems due to the significantly lower reflectivity (albedo) of water compared to solid ground. Blowfish addresses this problem by using a membrane underneath its modules that reflects solar rays and simultaneously serves as a load-bearing structural element like a typical lightweight structure.

Not only do the tubes, which are only filled with air on site, allow a low transport volume, they also ensure a particularly fast assembly by simply inflating them. In addition, the system offers less target areas for longitudinal waves and, thanks to its flexibility, is less sensitive to impact loads than conventional systems.

System type
Bifacial Floating PV System

Structural type
Lightweight membrane system with metal structure for PV-modules

Float type
Inflateable Membrane Tubes

Module configuration
East-West portrait configuration, 15° elevation angle

Structural membrane between float tubes with reflective surface to reflect sunlight. Module spacing optimized for power gain

Galvanized or coated steel, aluminium, PVC membranes

Smart control
Control, data acquisition: Sensors checking tube pressure, automatic refill if needed.

Subisland size
Up to 25 double floats