Agricultural PV

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Adding value to agricultural land

With so many decades of experience in the development of solar technologies, sbp sonne is the right partner for technology engineering and optimization also of Agricultural PV systems. We develop cost-effective systems based on a holistic approach to maximize the value of both the PV yield and the agricultural product.

Our APV systems ensure diverse use of agricultural land, as we consider restrictions such as accessibility for agricultural machinery already at an early technology development stage. Therefore, supporting structures developed by sbp sonne offer a clearance profile that even the most modern agricultural machinery can fit into. As a result, there are no limits to agriculture, and suitable solutions can be found for almost any farm.

The photovoltaic panels generate electricity while providing shade to improve agricultural conditions and thus resilience. This symbiosis ensures, that fertile farmland continues to be used for food production, while the photovoltaic panels enhance the light and shade balance, reduce evaporation and provide an additional income source. Several research projects around the world have proven the feasibility and functionality of the APV concept, we at sbp sonne take these insights to the next level!