Floating PV

Where sun meets water

sbp sonne’s innovative FPV system consists of air-filled floating units (membrane “tubes”), like an inflatable boat. This concept enables very fast installation, while the geometry and internal pressure of the tubes can easily be adapted to the site and environmental conditions. Our FPV system called Blowfish, thus reacts to special situations similar to an inflating blowfish.

Blowfish is the first bifacial FPV system. On land, bifacial systems provide a higher energy yield since they can also use the light reflected from the ground. However, they have not been used in previous FPV systems due to the significantly lower reflectivity (albedo) of water compared to solid ground. Blowfish addresses this problem by using a membrane underneath its modules that reflects solar rays and simultaneously serves as a load-bearing structural element like a typical lightweight structure.

Parking lot PV

A second income for your parking lots

As electromobility increases, the infrastructure for supplying renewable energy needs to be expanded. Parking lots lend themselves for such purpose. Activating a parking space by covering it with PV modules offers enormous potential. Renewable energy is generated where it is consumed – for example, at the charging stations for electric cars.

sbp sonne develops such intelligent systems. Our supporting structures enable an economical roofing of a parking lot while at the same time a highly efficient solar power plant is created. Our innovative cable and stress ribbon structures allow filigree supporting structures that span easily and elegantly over parking areas and suit well to an architecturally demanding urban environment.

Agricultural PV

Adding value to agricultural land

With so many decades of experience in the development of solar technologies, sbp sonne is the right partner for technology engineering and optimization also of Agricultural PV systems. We develop cost-effective systems based on a holistic approach to maximize the value of both the PV yield and the agricultural product.

Our APV systems ensure diverse use of agricultural land, as we consider restrictions such as accessibility for agricultural machinery already at an early technology development stage. Therefore, supporting structures developed by sbp sonne offer a clearance profile that even the most modern agricultural machinery can fit into. As a result, there are no limits to agriculture, and suitable solutions can be found for almost any farm.

Building integrated PV

Solar Facades and Roofs

As a sbp company, sbp sonne offers consulting, design, modeling, calculation and construction design for any project involving building-integrated photovoltaics. We benefit from the extensive knowledge on roof structures, facades and lightweight structures to design and install BIPV for buildings and structures at any given location.

Replacing conventional building materials with photovoltaic materials in parts of the building envelope reduces the expense of construction materials and labor that would normally be used to construct the part of the building. sbp sonne integrates BIPV into the design of new buildings as well as retrofitting of existing structures.