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We are sbp sonne

The largest source of energy available to mankind is the sun, playing a key role for our current and future energy supply. For this reason, sbp sonne is dedicated to developing integrated system solutions for the use of solar radiation. Our mission is to develop and implement innovative solutions and technologically cost-efficient and future-oriented systems.

We are solar engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, aerospace engineers, energy engineers, climate engineers, physicists, and specialists for thermodynamics, optical and energy systems – creating a team that can perform complex tasks comprehensively thanks to its interdisciplinary experience. We effectively apply our unique systems engineering know-how to the solar energy sector.

We provide pioneering solutions

For more than 35 years, sbp sonne has been consulting and offering technologies in the renewable energy sector. We invent, design, develop and implement innovative solar technologies – and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection. 

Today, sbp sonne is one of the most experienced engineering companies for solar technology worldwide and manages and delivers specialized and innovative development projects worldwide. We offer our knowledge and services in all areas ranging from the preparation of new concepts to engineering design services for large power stations. We are continuously breaking new grounds – while staying mindful of our origins and founding history, driven by the ultimate requirements of mankind to safe our planet for future generations.

Kumul Dongfang Tower Stellio
Parabolic Trough Power Plant Shagaya
HelioFocus Dish Demonstration Plant China

Get to know our team

Projects of outstanding quality can only be successfully accomplished as a team. This applies to the cooperation with all parties involved in the design and construction process as well as to our sbp sonne team.

At sbp sonne, we are committed to learning, gaining experience, implementing lessons learned, and working together to shape a crucial part of all our futures. Each and every one of us is making a fundamental contribution to this shared and important mission!