Kumul Dongfang Tower Stellio

The project is part of the first batch of Concentrated Solar Power demonstration projects in China. For the first time, the Stellio heliostat developed by sbp sonne is used here.
The planning of the entire solar field is being carried out in cooperation with our Spanish partners. The steel structure, mirrors, electrical system, and part of the control technology are supplied by local companies.
For the assembly of the 14,500 heliostats, a semi-automatic assembly line, developed by our Spanish partner and leased to the client, is installed, and operated on the construction site.
As this project marks the first commercial use of the new heliostat, it presents special challenges. Our tasks include the coordination of all companies involved as well as quality assurance of the used components and the assembly. On top of this, there are difficult working conditions with winter temperatures of below -20 °C.

Concentrating Solar Power,
Hami/Kumul, China
Ingemetal Energías S.A, Microelectronica Maser S.L
Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (NWEPDI)
Markus Balz


Technical Data

Mirror surface
48.5 m², 5-sided
4 mm float glass, 11 segments
Steel construction
600 kg
centrifugally cast concrete pipe
2 linear drives, brushless motors
composite plain bearings
Solar field
14,500 heliostats
1,820 m x 1,790 m


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Our product used in this project


A paradigm shift in the evolution of heliostats

Stellio is sbp sonne’s innovative heliostat developed in collaboration with our partners Ingemetal and Masermic. This heliostat has a pentagonal shape which allows for dense heliostat field layouts with little shading and blocking and reduced atmospheric attenuation compared to rectangular heliostats. Its new axis arrangement allows the use of cost-efficient linear actuators for both axes, while the appropriate size and precise optics at low manufacturing costs result in a significantly improved cost/performance ratio.

Moreover, large structural deformations at the reflector corners do not happen with Stellio due to the equal-stiffness rotational symmetric structural concept. Standard float-glass mirrors are assembled in jigs using a smart technology to compensate steel-work inaccuracies. The result is a very precise concentrator.

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