Concentrating Solar Power

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A paradigm shift in the evolution of heliostats

Stellio is sbp sonne’s innovative heliostat developed in collaboration with our partners Ingemetal and Masermic. This heliostat has a pentagonal shape which allows for dense heliostat field layouts with little shading and blocking and reduced atmospheric attenuation compared to rectangular heliostats. Its new axis arrangement allows the use of cost-efficient linear actuators for both axes, while the appropriate size and precise optics at low manufacturing costs result in a significantly improved cost/performance ratio.

Moreover, large structural deformations at the reflector corners do not happen with Stellio due to the equal-stiffness rotational symmetric structural concept. Standard float-glass mirrors are assembled in jigs using a smart technology to compensate steel-work inaccuracies. The result is a very precise concentrator.

Parabolic Troughs

Proven state of the art for CSP

Over the years, sbp sonne developed and licensed three different types of parabolic trough collectors: the EuroTrough, the HelioTrough and the UltimateTrough. The EuroTrough is arguably the most successful parabolic trough collector and defines the industry standard. We sold the HelioTrough and are now focusing on the distribution and commercialization of the EuroTrough and UltimateTrough, as these collector developments have been proven to significantly reduce costs and improve performance for large scale power plants.

The UltimateTrough collector for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants is arguably the world’s largest and most advanced parabolic trough collector. Measurements indicate that efficiency of the UltimateTrough is over 10% higher as compared to the benchmark collector.