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Shaping sustainable energy supply

Through daily challenges and exciting projects, even experienced professionals find ways to grow professionally and personally at sbp sonne. International projects with a high degree of complexity, design at the cutting edge of technology and the integration of the latest findings from research and development ensure varied work and continuous challenges. New specialists quickly take on responsibility in highly motivated project teams, working on the development of pioneering solar power plants.

Career entry

Career entry - a supported start

We offer young employees the opportunity to work as a full member of a project team from day one to gain hands-on experience and grow steadily in their tasks. Regular discussions with project managers, People & Culture employees and experienced colleagues ensure that young professionals quickly find their way around the company, are integrated both professionally and socially, and can freely develop their potential.


Learning by Doing

We offer students in their advanced semesters of higher education the opportunity to further develop their technical expertise and actively support our project teams as part of a six-month internship. They are guided by experienced colleagues who pass on their knowledge with great commitment. When filling vacant internship positions, we pay particular attention to enthusiasm for sustainable and innovative projects, a high level of dedication, social competence and the ability to work in a team and above all the motivation to make a difference.

Fabian Gross, Physician

”As part of sbp sonne’s multidisciplinary team, I develop technologies to generate renewable energy out of solar yields.”

Multifaceted and highly motivated working environment

All of us – civil engineers, mechanical engineers and software developers – contribute to mitigating climate change. Our broad range of experiences, skills and perspectives enable us to find techno-economically attractive solutions that can only be developed by such a highly motivated and versatile team.

Together, we optimize complex energy systems, considering wind and wave loads as well as manufacturing costs, operations, and electricity yield. With the help of models and simulations, we further optimize new and established technologies. Our findings are verified by the development of prototypes and tests.

This close relationship among the different fields makes the development of innovative technologies at sbp sonne so exciting!

A part of the team right from the start

I got to know sbp sonne through a six-month internship during my studies. During various seminars at university, I found the broad range of challenges and tasks in the field of renewable energies exciting, so I wanted to deepen my knowledge in practice. Right from the start, I was warmly welcomed into the project team and appreciated as a valuable team member. At sbp sonne, I appreciate the collaboration with my colleagues. The experienced team members are there to offer support and are happy to help me with any questions I may have. As we are still quite a small team, you quickly establish relationships and quickly feel at ease. My daily work is very varied, so I can learn something new every day. I enjoy growing with these tasks every day.

Carla Deuble, Structural Engineer

”I really appreciate working in a small team and always feel valued as a member of it.”

Max Dinkelaker, Structural Engineer

“Contributing to the energy transition in my daily work encourages me and motivates me to break new ground.”

Promoting the global energy transition

As a structural engineer, I was initially responsible for the structural calculations of stadium roofs and lightweight structures at sbp before changing in-house to sbp sonne. My areas of responsibility now include the testing of single-axis PV tracking systems as well as the development of solar technologies in the field of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. For example, I am responsible for the design of our building-integrated PV systems or the structural modifications to our “Stellio” heliostat. By joining sbp sonne, I have not only been able to expand my specialist knowledge in the field of renewable energies, but also to deepen my knowledge concerning further aspects of structural design. Being involved in the development of solar technologies and actively contributing to the energy transition motivates me every day.