K2 Systems T-Rack Optimization

A detailed techno economic study was undertaken to minimise the cost of an existing ground mounted fixed tilt photovoltaic system. The costs of all elements and connections in conjunction with their manufacturing and the installation was considered. An overall cost minimum was found by optimising the structural system, reducing material, part count and spans as well as easing installation. The T-rack system features also asymmetric aluminium sections to minimise costs.
The project resulted in a modular system able to vary spans depending on the load conditions, and able to deal with different module sizes and orientations. The system has been utilised in numerous commercial projects.

K2 Systems GmbH
Markus Balz


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Our product used in this project

PV Tracker

Chasing the sun

A PV tracker can increase the output of photovoltaic systems by 30 or even 40 percent compared to fixed installations. sbp sonne develops and optimizes PV trackers despite complex boundary conditions that mechanically adjust the orientation of photovoltaic modules towards the sun to minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming sun rays and the flat panel.

We’ve been moving building components and solar systems ever since. Over the past years, sbp sonne has accumulated an unparalleled insight into the global PV tracker market and developments. We´re capable of incorporating all this knowledge with very complex boundary conditions into your project up to to the last detail. We help to make innovative PV trackers safe, resilient, and economically profitable!

Our PV tracker layouts are verified by structural and dynamic reference calculations and reduce cost significantly!

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