The GRIDSOL project started in October 2016 under the leadership of COBRA and with the collaboration of other nine top companies and research centres from Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Greece.
Gridsol aims to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by combining primary renewable energy sources and technology under an advanced control system called Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) supplying secure electricity and contributing to grid stability through Smart Renewable Hubs.
GRIDSOL solution is based on solar firm hybrid power plants. This power plant combines a core of synchronous and non-synchronous generators under a dynamic control system (DOME). The control system of the electricity dispatch is self-regulated and able to provide ancillary grid services thanks to firm and flexible generation on a single output, tailored to a specific location and relieving pressure on the Transmission System Operator (TSO).

Concentrating Solar Power,
Industry, Utilities, Research Centres & Universities, Energy Consultancy Experts
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