Inauguration of our solar car park prototype

We are happy to share the news about the inauguration of our solar car park prototype! On 20 March, sbp sonne inaugurated together with KÉSZ Metaltech  an innovative solar shading-system for environmentally friendly parking lots. The prototype, which was installed at KÉSZ’s headquarters in Kecskemét, is another milestone in the life of our company.

We started the development of the Solar parking in cooperation with our main partner KÉSZ Metaltech. In the process other partners and member companies of the KÉSZ Group, such as KÉSZ Industrial Manufacturing, PROVIM, QOD, bim.GROUP or Mile-Stone, have joined us on this innovative journey. With this system we want to demonstrate to our potential customers and partners all over the world that ideas for unique structures and renewable energy not only make it to the drawing board, but also come to life as a working prototypes.

Our solar parking has an innovative, aesthetic design solution that reduces the carbon footprint and emits less CO2. Our design uses less material and minimizes the installation work compared to standard support structures on the market. The bifacial (or double-sided) pv panels directly charge electric cars or feed the remaining electricity into the grid. Our unique, tension structure offers a maximum of weather protected parking lots.

The ceremonial handover of the prototype was attended by KÉSZ Metaltech and sbp sonne executives Róbert Barócsi, Knut Göppert and Alf Oschatz. Together we will continue to enhance the renewable energy portfolio, which already includes several solar and green façade cladding solutions and prototypes.


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