Weser Stadium Bremen

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The creative and urban design of the various individual elements of the Weser Stadium required a master plan to ensure a unified design. The new construction as well as renovation of the west and east curve was integrated into the project. The extension of the main grand stand by 12 m could be realized without altering the structure of the grand stands by optimizing the utilization of the structural reserves. On each one of the roof outer rings, aligned according to the respective compass point, lays a thin layer of photovoltaic modules. The new facade structure of hollow steel sections was attached to the existing concrete structure. It also serves to support the additional load from the new stadium roof. The conical, half-transparent glass facade with PV-integrated glass modules envelops the entire stadium with a length of 600 m and creates the desired uniform appearance.

Photovoltaics, Photovoltaik,
WABE-Plan for schlaich bergermann partner
Bremer Weser-Stadion GmbH
Knut Göppert


Technical Data

Roof surface
approx. 22,000 m²
Facade surface
approx. 10,400 m²
Facade elements
glass-glass-modules, 519 kWp, 40 % allotment
Outer roof ring
thin layered modules, 524 kWp, : 40% allotment
Inner roof ring
synthetic-solar modules, approx. 230 kWp
Total PV-surface
6,000 m ² with 200,000 solar cells


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